Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sister Act: To Die For vs. DIY

The Inspiration: TDF (to die for) DANNIJO statement necklaces that will have every head turning when you enter the room:

The Outcome: My own version of these beautifully juxtaposed pieces of mixed metals--oxidized silver, gold, and gunmetal--and colorful elements--dyed beads, roping, and crystals galore:

Gunmetal, silver, and rose gold chains, large crystals, coral beads, and pearls entangled to an ultimate equilibrium, and consequently, my new favorite piece.

Since the summer I cannot seem to get my mind off of DanniJo Jewelry. Originated and hand created by familial duo Danielle and Jodie Snyder, DanniJo falls amongst a wide range of design ascetic, ultimately housing the perfect mate for every girl. I have found favorites in each of their four collections--Cult, Americana, Rock, and Grace--and am nearly peeing my pants in anticipation for their fifth collection: Boho. With Gypset style always on the brain, I cannot even fathom what pieces they will dazzle us with next. Fortunately, for the holidays this year I was gifted with a gorgeous Edith Crystal Locket Necklace (as styled in my previous post), but am left wanting more (or should I say, everything). However, the price tag doesn't come cheap and I just can't seem to convince myself that $700+ is feasible to spend on a necklace right now. So I thought, what better way to get the statement piece I want at the price I want it than by making it myself? Off I went to Michael's Arts & Crafts to conjure up the perfect fraternal twin; after a few hours, blood, sweat, tears, and $100, I came out with my own twist on a DanniJo style staple. A post soon to come where I am actually wearing it so you can all see what it looks like on! But, no time for that now, as I'm leaving for school in the morning and still need to do mountains of laundry, find the mates for all of my miscellaneous shoes around the house, and pack EVERYTHING. I hope it all fits in the car. Off to D.C.!

Sarah Bee

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, Same Obsession: Stella McCartney Damask Curved Wedge Boots

Zara Vest, Anthropologie wool beret, DanniJo Locket, Cousin Johnny cashmere sweater, American Apparel Circle Scarf, Forever 21 shorts, black tights, Stella McCartney Damask Curved Wedge Boots, Vintage rings and bracelet, Scoop NYC watch.

Detoxing myself from last week's "bag lady chic" I decided to bring around one of my favorite (faux)fur pieces: the Zara vest. At a score for just under $100, this Zara faux fur vest has become quite the staple in my wardrobe. I've been obsessing over it since we first met in early December (yes, I'm aware I just personified a vest, but it's like my new best friend.) Pairing it with my possibly favorite purchases from '09, these Stella boots with an insane 5+inch dark wooden wedge, I'm back in my own element.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stepping out with Sarah

Some shoes that have been collecting dust in my closet and thus are in DIRE need of wear next week:

1. Elizabeth & James Faux Snake-Skin Leather Boots
2. Alexander McQueen Sculptured Wedge
3. Marni Bronze Wooden Platforms
4. Stella McCartney Damask Curved Wedge Boots
5. Givency Open Toe Buckle Suede Black Booties

Since returning from some R&R in Barbados this past week, I haven't been doing much, but lounging around and running errands. The literal poster-child for "crazy bag lady chic," copious amounts of (grocery & drugstore) shopping bags in tow, I am stuck in suburban tundra dreaming of my white silk harem pants and coral Jimmy Choo strappy heels. My wardrobe, upon return to the States, has consisted solely of black boots with high wool socks, black leggings, three scarves ringing my neck, leather gloves and my vintage lamb's wool coat. But enough with the sulking and Ugg-thumping around the house, for tomorrow is a fresh week; with most of my friends returning from their vacation spots as well, we'll definitely be out around town and in the city catching up, a myriad of prime opportunities to sport these seemingly long lost kicks. I think tonight I'll do some tights shopping; I'm on the look-out for a great pair of charcoal grey wool tights to wear with my Marni platforms and I think I'm going to bring out some patterned tights as well for those open toe Givenchy booties. Pictures of my outfits soon to come, so stay tuned!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

So many, many reasons it's so MMM MMM good.

Collection Archive: Maison Martin Margiela
1. A/W '05 Jacket made from wigs, 2. A/W '08 "Compressed Paper Jacket" 3. S/S '06 multi-textile skirt 4. S/S '06 deep V floor dress 5. A/W '07 vintage lace cocktail dress draped blazer 6. F/W '07 pieces of fur handmade pullover 7. S/S '08 "Elastic Jacket" 8. A/W '07 thigh high leather boots made of various high heels and sandals 9. A/W '06 bow-tie dress 10. A/W '06 coat made of fur collars of other coats 11. S/S '07 hand painted silk scarves dress 12. S/S '09 "Hair-Comb Short Dress" 13. S/S '09 "Plastic Fur Jacket" 14. S/S '08 "Fox Stole in Party Paper Balls"

Mesmerizing us for over 20 years, more than 40 shows, and (thankfully) introducing hundreds of garments, Maison Martin Margiela continues to serve as an inspiration in art, fashion, and culture. One of my favorite designers, his constant reinterpretations and reincarnations of everyday textiles and pieces always leave me wanting more. Although he boasts many collections including his namesake, but also MMM 0, 1, 10, 11, 22, and 4, I am completely smitten with his Maison Martin Margiela 0 collection, which features "garments remodeled by hand for women." From an A/W '06 dress composed entirely of bow-ties to "Fox Stole Composed of Party Paper Balls" from his S/S '08 collection, each piece is entirely handmade. The tedious craftsmanship takes anywhere from 10 to 60+ hours, but they seem to be well worth the time; I've literally been conjuring the perfect outfits for these babies in my mind all day. Oh the things I would do for that fur pullover, I'd be my second skin, my right hand man or the hand painted vintage silk scarves gown, it looks like it's dripping off her figure. I've found some of these killer arcHIVE pieces from MMM0 on, but they're frankly out of my price range, le sigh; DIYing my own plastic bag couture gown seems to have an ABC (anything but clothes) party undertone, sigh, again. On search for the perfect MMM booties, I'm thinking something yellow?! Will let you know of my progress.


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