Saturday, January 2, 2010

So many, many reasons it's so MMM MMM good.

Collection Archive: Maison Martin Margiela
1. A/W '05 Jacket made from wigs, 2. A/W '08 "Compressed Paper Jacket" 3. S/S '06 multi-textile skirt 4. S/S '06 deep V floor dress 5. A/W '07 vintage lace cocktail dress draped blazer 6. F/W '07 pieces of fur handmade pullover 7. S/S '08 "Elastic Jacket" 8. A/W '07 thigh high leather boots made of various high heels and sandals 9. A/W '06 bow-tie dress 10. A/W '06 coat made of fur collars of other coats 11. S/S '07 hand painted silk scarves dress 12. S/S '09 "Hair-Comb Short Dress" 13. S/S '09 "Plastic Fur Jacket" 14. S/S '08 "Fox Stole in Party Paper Balls"

Mesmerizing us for over 20 years, more than 40 shows, and (thankfully) introducing hundreds of garments, Maison Martin Margiela continues to serve as an inspiration in art, fashion, and culture. One of my favorite designers, his constant reinterpretations and reincarnations of everyday textiles and pieces always leave me wanting more. Although he boasts many collections including his namesake, but also MMM 0, 1, 10, 11, 22, and 4, I am completely smitten with his Maison Martin Margiela 0 collection, which features "garments remodeled by hand for women." From an A/W '06 dress composed entirely of bow-ties to "Fox Stole Composed of Party Paper Balls" from his S/S '08 collection, each piece is entirely handmade. The tedious craftsmanship takes anywhere from 10 to 60+ hours, but they seem to be well worth the time; I've literally been conjuring the perfect outfits for these babies in my mind all day. Oh the things I would do for that fur pullover, I'd be my second skin, my right hand man or the hand painted vintage silk scarves gown, it looks like it's dripping off her figure. I've found some of these killer arcHIVE pieces from MMM0 on, but they're frankly out of my price range, le sigh; DIYing my own plastic bag couture gown seems to have an ABC (anything but clothes) party undertone, sigh, again. On search for the perfect MMM booties, I'm thinking something yellow?! Will let you know of my progress.


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A Tribute to Yves Saint Laurent
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