Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stepping out with Sarah

Some shoes that have been collecting dust in my closet and thus are in DIRE need of wear next week:

1. Elizabeth & James Faux Snake-Skin Leather Boots
2. Alexander McQueen Sculptured Wedge
3. Marni Bronze Wooden Platforms
4. Stella McCartney Damask Curved Wedge Boots
5. Givency Open Toe Buckle Suede Black Booties

Since returning from some R&R in Barbados this past week, I haven't been doing much, but lounging around and running errands. The literal poster-child for "crazy bag lady chic," copious amounts of (grocery & drugstore) shopping bags in tow, I am stuck in suburban tundra dreaming of my white silk harem pants and coral Jimmy Choo strappy heels. My wardrobe, upon return to the States, has consisted solely of black boots with high wool socks, black leggings, three scarves ringing my neck, leather gloves and my vintage lamb's wool coat. But enough with the sulking and Ugg-thumping around the house, for tomorrow is a fresh week; with most of my friends returning from their vacation spots as well, we'll definitely be out around town and in the city catching up, a myriad of prime opportunities to sport these seemingly long lost kicks. I think tonight I'll do some tights shopping; I'm on the look-out for a great pair of charcoal grey wool tights to wear with my Marni platforms and I think I'm going to bring out some patterned tights as well for those open toe Givenchy booties. Pictures of my outfits soon to come, so stay tuned!



  1. Lucky you. You went to barbados ;-) love your shoe collection. Wear them for us please!

  2. love those shoes! great photos of them too


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A Tribute to Yves Saint Laurent
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