Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Bee All, End All.

Just a few of my every-day go-to inspirations. Being back home on break has turned my bedroom into a very large closet: a reincarnation of late 60's & early 70's vintage haute couture, countless wool, silk, cashmere, and knit scarves protruding from miscellaneous crevices, accessories overflowing from awkward shelving space, a mountain of sweaters enveloping the love-seat, and shoes camping out under the depths of my bed. SOS: In dire need of organization/or a retreat back to school where I can return everything to order, whichever comes first. For now, clippings reminiscent my so-called life.

1. Vintage Vogue Cover ft. Bianca Jagger. I love her BEEcause: her marriage to Mick Jagger (le sigh), Jetsetting in the late 70's and early 80's, Studio 54, Human Rights Advocate
2. Always envious of Margot Tenenbaum's TDF Birken, short white satin gloves, and lux fur coat.
3. I'm head over heels for Yves Saint Laurent's timeless pieces: black turban, lace-back sweater, and marigold balloon sleeved taffeta gown to name a few
4. Rachel Zoe, my role model. (Plus have you seen her tactless style warehouse/mecca/showroom, my ideal haute spot)We're connected through more than just our undying love of fashion (and everything glamor). Fact: We grew up in the same town, attended the same high school, and I now attend her alumni. Following footsteps, I can dream right?
5. Always hung up on Stefano Pilati, "La robe tablier, c'est le pic erotique de mon defile."
6. Intricate lace detailed heels, so delicate, beeyond gorgeous. I would wear these in my sleep.
7. Happiness on every page: The World of Coco Chanel: Friends, Fashion, Fame.
8. Ahh oui, Chanel #5, my aura, poison of choice.
9. Margherita Missoni, heir to Missoni royalty, glamor, fashion, beauty oh my. It oozes from her pores.
10. A lot a Prada. A girl can never have too much. I'm always obsessing over chunky wooden bangles, gem-tones, and headpieces. Bringing statement pieces to a whole new level.
11. MK & A. Their ever evolving style from Bohemian Rhapsody to Biker Chic, to a back track somewhere in between, more refined. Those sunglasses are calling my name. JBKO gone 70's chic with 80's grunge hair: perfection.

Waiting and counting down the hours til NYE preparations begin. This could mean vintage sequins. Watch out.

Sarah Bee.

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  1. Ok, I had to leave a comment again, because I LOVE Bianca Jagger! I think she's the most beautiful creature ever and she totally encapsulates the excess and glam of the 70's. Like her YSL white suit??? Holy eff. Just fucking perfect. and yeah...being plucked outta obscurity by Mick Jagger (when he still looked human).....fairytale.


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A Tribute to Yves Saint Laurent

A Tribute to Yves Saint Laurent
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